Hawaii Census Data Center (HCDC)

The HCDC is an officially designated source of Census Bureau data for the State of Hawaii under a joint federal-state agreement with the U.S. Census Bureau relating to the national State Data Center Program. The HCDC is a local source that distributes census data, including ACS, Decennial Census, Economic Census, and Local Employment Dynamic. The Center assists the public in the use of census data by providing technical advice; educates the public by providing guides and sponsoring training on census data, products and tools; and maintains a network of affiliate organizations throughout the state. This website provides Hawaii specific census data which are included in various products such as profiles, data highlights, reports and maps. They are available for different geographic areas from the national level to the small areas such as census tracts and blocks, depending upon the data and product of interest.

HI-DBEDT Data Warehouse (http://dbedt.hawaii.gov/economic/datawarehouse/) allows users to generate quick statistics of data collected by the HCDC on the following topics: (1) population and vital statistics, (2) GDP, income and prices, (3) employment, (4) tax collection, (5) tourism, (6) construction and housing, (7) energy, (8) business and insurance, (9) agriculture, and (10) education. This web tool is used to identify key data elements collected by READ.

Data and Resources

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Field Value
Source http://dbedt.hawaii.gov/economic/datawarehouse/
Maintainer Hawaii State Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism (HI-DBEDT)/Research & Economic Analysis Division (READ)
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